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Subsurface Metabolism Enhancement (SME) is a bioremediation method of removing hydrocarbons from subsurface soil and groundwater. This method and the precursor forms of SME have been successfully used dozens of times. The following case studies are valuable instruction on how the SME systems were applied on each project. Each of these case studies represents a completed project. Not all of our SME projects are completed, so the open projects are not candidates as case studies. Note that these projects include some, but not all of the costs for administration of the projects. Unfortunately, the administrative costs become significant, so be aware that regulatory agencies can skew the actual cost of clean up. This information and the methods used may be protected by one or more granted or pending patents; we would appreciate it if you would keep this in mind. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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VIP Comparion
Curtis and Durrant
Nowers Chevron
V1 Preston
V1 Ogden
Indian Oil

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