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SME Sensor

Flow Valve Contoller

Ellis Environmental Services has teamed with IntelliSolve to create industry changing products: The SME Sensor and the Flow Valve Controller.

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Ellis Environmental and IntelliSolve have developed the ultimate chemical vapor sensor, called the SME Sensor. This unique vapor sensor will detect four gases concurrently. Using infrared light technology in a patent pending sensor system, this sensor is more versatile and more rugged than any other sensor available. The SME Sensor was built to accommodate the Subsurface Metabolism Enhancement (SME) bioremediation system. The SME Sensor is unique for a variety of reasons:
  • Detect four gases in one unit; our choice is total hydrocarbons, methane, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • Use IR, single path technology. There are no mirrors to fog up.
  • Built for continuous or intermittent operation,
  • Built rugged for wide temperature extremes ranging from -40 to 85° C,
  • Detect any organic compound that generates vapor pressure, including gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, alcohols, motor oil, etc.


Ellis Environmental developed the most advanced petroleum bioremediation system (SME) in the world, but wanted to make it better. How? Install the system in advance of a petroleum spill or release and then improve the release detection and response capability (patent pending as Release Detection, Response and Remediation or RDR2 ). The concept was bullet proof except for one detail. There was no ability to detect diesel fuel or other high-molecular weight petroleum vapors in the release detection system. They scoured the internet and all of their contacts to see if anyone had a field sensor that could detect diesel fuel; it was a futile search. The bioremediation system also demanded the ability to detect oxygen and carbon dioxide in the ground. IntelliSolve, a research and development company assembled a team of engineers who produced the SME Sensor.


The SME Sensor can be adapted to any application that requires vapor sensing. Think of vastly improved sensing capability on environmental assessment sites, leak detection on ocean-going vessel tanks, crude oil pipelines, vehicle emissions, chemical plants and hazardous material response detection. The increased capacity means a safer environment and better information for decision makers.

Air Flow Control Valve
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The purpose of the Air Flow Control Valve is to meter air flow at a set rate accomplishing several needs.  This valve creates a consistent airflow to biosparge wells that feed air into the subsurface for bioremediation. The consistent airflow permits low flow of air, which in turn prevents channeling of the air path through the soil. With a balanced air flow over the entire system, demand on the compressor is minimized. This control valve allows air flow to remain in the patented (#6,464,005) range of 5 to 40 cubic feet of air flow per hour (CFH).

The Air Flow Control Valve is superior to other valves in that there is an adjustment mechanism for ±25% adjustment from the set point of 20 CFH. A flow meter is built into the valve so that measurement is automatic with valve inspection. The Air Flow Control Valve is built so that it will enable biosparge wells to flow consistently, regardless of groundwater elevation changes, barometric pressure changes or compressor flow variations.

The Air Flow Control Valve encompasses the principles of air pressure, venturi restriction, piston with double cylinder, spring adjustment and metered air measurement. The body of the Air Flow Control Valve and flow meter is made of clear Polycarbonate Lexan 141 high impact material.  This allows a visual inspection of working parts to determine the need for cleaning and to see the ball in the flow meter.

A dual valve design for the Air Flow Control Valve creates compactness for installation; cost saving over single valves designs and reduces material requirements.  It also allows the connection of valves together in series.

The Air Flow Control Valve was designed for Subsurface Metabolism Enhancement or SME, a hydrocarbon bioremediation method. When SME is appropriately applied, remediation will occur quickly and with a minimum of site disturbance. The Air Flow Control Valve reduces maintenance on the SME system and prolongs the life of the compressor, which in turn reduces the cost to remediate.

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