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Most Underground Storage Tank (UST) owners who are regulated by federal and state UST rules are required to have insurance to cover expenses related to corrective action and third party claims of environmental damage due to releases from UST. Approximately 42 states opted to sponsor insurance programs of one or another description to provide the required financial assurance for UST. Many of these state sponsored programs are funded by gas tax.

Ellis Environmental proposes to use Subsurface Metabolism Enhancement (SME) or other in-situ remediation systems as partial coverage for the required insurance. Since the insurance is for the purpose of installing corrective action, it makes sense that once in-situ remediation methods are installed, and if they can be made permanent, that the methods should be left in place as permanent corrective action systems that accomplish the end objective of the insurance requirements.

 Ellis Environmental terms this concept Release Detection and Remediation Response (RDR2)© (patent pending). In our vision of how this concept works, SME is installed either in response to a known release or in advance of a release. With the corrective action is an array of monitor wells that can be used for site investigation and remediation monitoring. A vapor detection array is also installed, coupled with a sensor specially developed for this application. The SME Sensor is the only vapor sensor that can detect diesel vapors, so this system can be used with any petroleum fuel, not just gasoline. Any release from the UST can be detected by the vapor extraction and sensing system installed in the ground. The detection system acts within minutes of a release and can even show the general location of the release.

With the advantage of wireless notification, the release message is transmitted to Ellis Environmental within minutes. The sensor also activates the SME system, which immediately begins operating to consume the released contamination. Notification is also given within the prescribed notification period to the regulating agency in the jurisdiction of the UST system. In this manner, releases are found, notified and remediated in a vastly shorter time than in the past. Releases are not given the chance to accumulate and migrate. System repairs can be notified to a designated service company within minutes.

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