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Ellis Environmental installs Subsurface Metabolic Enhancement (SME, pat. 6,464,005) used for underground removal of hydrocarbon contamination.  This bioremediation method provides a cost effective method of removing contamination even in crowded, confined or other difficult situations, still leaving the business in operation during remediation.

SME is a method of cultivating native organisms in place that consume hydrocarbon contamination, converting the hydrocarbons into non toxic water and carbon dioxide. SME does not add microbes to the contamination, they are already there. SME injects oxygen and nutrients, which stimulate the microbes to use hydrocarbons as a source of energy. The microbes give off carbon dioxide, which is drawn out of the ground. The ground surface is sealed with new pavement to insure that the air exchanged stays in the subsurface. The system can be installed while the business is still operating, with minimal inconvenience to the owner and operates without being seen until the contamination is removed. SME has been used as an approved remediation method in Utah and Idaho and is being introduced to other states.

The non toxic and minimal disturbance of SME makes it the preferred choice for petroleum remediation in most locations.  Ellis Environmental uses a blend of biological methods and technology to produce innovative and effective methods of protecting your community and company from environmental contamination. We bring value back to properties.  Proof of a clean property makes borrowing money much easier. Clean property yields a higher sales price.

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