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“Mr. Ellis’ extensive knowledge of state and federal environmental regulations was instrumental in allowing (Christensen Boyles Corporation, a leading drilling enterprise throughout the world,) to significantly reduce penalties imposed by the EPA and to allow all aspects of our firm to achieve environmental compliance within a very accelerated period.

I would highly recommend Mark Ellis and Ellis Environmental as a company with extensive experience, innovative solutions to difficult problems, quality personnel, and high business integrity.”

 Jerrold R. Culp
Project Analysts, Inc. formerly with Christensen Boyles Corporation

Ellis Environmental has a long track record of success in helping clients with all of their environmental compliance needs. On occasion, even the most environmentally conscious company has unexpected events that run afoul of environmental rules and laws. Sometimes the charges levied against a company are due to shortcoming on the part of the company or sometimes from governmental error. The right environmental consultant can help to readily resolve these issues, leading to a higher degree of compliance in the future.

 At Ellis Environmental, we know it is imperative to represent the interest of the client without deferring to government allegations.  Government regulators have a job to do as do our clients. This sometimes results in conflict and misunderstanding, leading to charges and counter charges.   Ellis Environmental will help sort out the facts from the accusations, and help clear up assumptions and misunderstandings. As a former environmental compliance officer, Mark Ellis is able to see both sides of compliance issues and will help you develop a workable solution to compliance conflicts.


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