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SME Sensor Announced

IntelliSolve's FotoDialer


Ellis Environmental developed the most advanced petroleum bioremediation system in the world and they wanted to make it better. How? Install the system in advance of a petroleum spill or release and then improve the release detection and response capability. The concept was bullet proof except for one detail. There was no ability to detect diesel fuel vapors in the release detection system. They scoured the internet and all of their contacts to see if anyone had a sensor that could detect diesel fuel; it was a futile search. They also needed to detect oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. 

The solution? IntelliSolve

IntelliSolve is pleased to announce the development of the SME Sensor, built to accommodate the Subsurface Metabolism Enhancement (SME) bioremediation system. The SME Sensor is unique for a variety of reasons:

  • Detect four gases in one unit; our choice is total hydrocarbons, methane, oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • Use IR, single path technology. There are no mirrors to fog up.
  • Built for continuous or intermittent operation,
  • Built rugged for a wide temperature extremes ranging from -40 to 85° C,
  • Detect any organic compound that generates vapor pressure, including gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, alcohols, etc.

The SME Sensor can be adapted to any application that requires vapor sensing. Think of vastly improved sensing capability on environmental assessment sites, leak detection on ocean-going vessel tanks, crude oil pipelines, vehicle emissions, chemical plants and hazardous material response detection. The increased capacity means a safer environment and better information for decision makers.

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IntelliSolve is a division of The Vision Group, Inc.
The goal of IntelliSolve is to solve problems with sensible technological solutions.

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IntelliSolve's FotoDialer

IntelliSolve is pleased to announce the first multiple page image dial telephone assist device. FotoDialer allows the user to dial frequently used or important telephone numbers by simply touching a button next to a picture. FotoDialer was designed to meet the needs of the elderly, vision impaired, the very young, those who cannot negotiate a telephone keypad and those who think that dialing by picture is a lot of fun.

 FotoDialer is the brain child of our Chief Technical Officer, Son Le. Mr. Le’s mother does not read, write or speak English. Her vision is failing, but she still loves to call her children. Being unable to see the keypad to dial her children has frustrated her and her family. The FotoDialer allows Mrs. Le to call her children by simply pressing a button near the picture of the person she wishes to call and the FotoDialer dials the number for her.

 There are over 144 million Americans over the age of 45.  That group of Americans is growing very rapidly.  Soon they will be retired. There are also 64 million children between the ages of three and eight. Internationally, about half of most countries’ populations are made up of either the elderly or children. This group is frequently impaired in their ability to make regular use of the telephone; they need help. The FotoDialer is the tool to make their telephone usable.

 FotoDialer is set up on much the same principle as a photo album. A set of six plastic pages are set up on each FotoDialer. Each page will accommodate four 2 x 3 inch pictures. Once the FotoDialer numbers are set into the FotoDialer memory, just turn to the page desired, pick up your telephone’s receiver and touch the button next to the picture; the FotoDialer calls the number for you.

 Set up of the FotoDialer is very simple, just like setting up a speed dial number on a telephone. Once the number is input to the FotoDialer, it will stay in memory, even if the power goes out.

 IntelliSolve is a division of The Vision Group, Inc.
The goal of IntelliSolve is to solve problems with sensible technological solutions.

 IntelliSolve: Dream. Create. Repeat. ™

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