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Corrective Actions

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Expert remediation—it’s our specialty.

Ellis Environmental offers a wide array of environmental corrective actions, developed for hydrocarbon contaminated sites found throughout the nation.

In addition to the conventional methods of remediation such as

• Dig and haul,
• Bioventing, and
• Pump and treat,

Ellis Environmental specializes in and uses innovative methods of remediation such as

• In-situ soil washing,
• Nutrient dosing,
• Photolysis,
• Soil Vapor Extraction, and
• Subsurface Metabolism Enhancement or SME - a patented specialized method of biosparging

To learn more about SME technology and how you can benefit from it, please click here.

 Our primary objective for corrective actions is to make them as inobtrusive to existing business as possible. In most cases, we have been able to install SME in operating gas stations, never shutting the operations down.

 We are able to reduce costs far below conventional corrective actions by using innovative solutions to contaminant problems. We have found no cost savings with a one-size-fits-all system.  We save our clients money by installing the system most effective and efficient on a case-by-case basis that addresses our clients needs.

“We have engaged the services of Ellis Environmental on several of our sites in Utah and Idaho during the past 8 years.  All sites are now released from further requirements of remediation and have been issued No Further Action Letters from the appropriate government agencies. 

Ellis was conscious of our needs and worked to provide operations with very little impact to our facilities. We would recommend the services of Ellis Environmental for all phases of required work from audits through site remediation.”

Robert E. Clayton

Blue Bell Group, Inc.


“Ellis Environmental has remediated contaminated property belonging to Flying J. Inc.  Mark and his staff know how to clean contaminated soils economically, efficiently and fast.  Their work was administered professionally and efficiently and we will use them again.”

 Ronald R. Parker

Vice President
Flying J, Inc.

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